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Purnima Abeyratne Sri Lankan Fashion Designer

I have been designing for the past 21 years and my label is Inspirations.

We put a lot of effort and time into the designs. If we have a beautiful bride and she carries the outfit well, it is enormously satisfying for all of us, both the staff and myself. We take it so personally...

Western Bridal

Choice is yours, but Western wedding dresses are discouraged because of the hot climate in Sri Lanka. Western type weddings dresses are recommended in hill country locations.

kandiyan bridal

The Kandyan bride in her traditional costume of the Osariya (sari) and the complementing regalia looks like a queen and, she is certainly the cynosure of all during the wedding ceremony

Low Country Bridal

They are upcountry Sinhalese wedding ceremonies and low country wedding ceremonies which have their own ways. In Sri Lanka Buddhist being the majority of the population both these upcountry and low country wedding ceremonies are highly influenced by the Buddhist customs and rituals